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couple holding hands
Jarred is a keeper for sure! it's really rare that the guy contacts me about photos, so right off the bat he scores major points. At some point, he said he had a surprise planned for Nicky, and i immediately jumped to the idea of 'OHMYGOSH he's going to propose to her!!!' and then i decided i shouldn't get my hopes up, since no one could be so lucky to capture two proposals in one week. well, i was right in my original assumption! i literally did a happy dance in the middle of Bull Moose after Jarred and i talked. no joke. Kevin can tell you i actually did. 

anyway, Nicky had thought he may be proposing as well, but then decided he wouldn't do that cause he doesn't plan anything. hah! such faith in her fiance ;) we met where they are building their house, and Nicky started talking to me about MY wedding. i'm so surprised i didn't give anything away, cause i'm pretty sure i started shaking and i thought my brain was going to explode from trying to keep the secret in! halfway through their sunset session in the backyard of their home, Jarred dropped to one knee and asked Nicky to marry him.

after a lot of tears, shaking, hugs and kisses, Nicky and I hugged a bunch too and i said 'i've got some good ones of you crying!' and she says 'oh, you got it?' hahahhaa oh Nicky. i cannot wait for your wedding! :)

couple walking on path with their dog couple cuddling with their dog
 guy dipping his girlfriend
 beautiful couple holding their dog while kissing

couple dancing in a field
 couple laughing and dancing in a field
couple laughing in a field

 couple smiling together
 couple snuggling in the grass
 sunsoaked couple photo
couple kissing in a field

black and white of a couple sitting in a field
 couple kissing while sitting in a field

couple laughing with each other
 couple with their dog and her huge tongue
 couple twirling in a field
 couple kissing in a field at sunset
Jarred gets down on one knee

proposal at sunset

couple holding hands during a proposal
 hugging after proposal  hugging after proposal
 crying during proposal  crying during proposal in black and white
 hugging and crying after proposal in black and white
hugging and crying after a proposal
 black and white of couple hugging after proposalsilhouette of couple with rings
 silhouette of couple dipping

 black and white of couple embracing
  silhouette of couple at sunset

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