so cute it'll make you want to throw up a little. tom+mooky. bangor, maine engagement photography

couple sitting on wooden steps in the fall

i know i have such a way with post titles ;)

I freakin' love this couple. I went to school with Tom since the 1st or 2nd grade, and all the girls in school had a crush on him at some point.. how could we not? he's totally adorbs! Mooky is the lucky lady who gets to call him her fiance, and she's a total sweetie. pretty sure Tom is actually the lucky one here - he's got a pretty lady who's nice too!

and their dog Leroy is pretty much the cutest little thing ever. it's at least right up there with Tom and Mooky's laughing smiles! and when they have babies, those will be at the top of the cutest things ever list.. so get to it, guys! ;)

couple laughing at their dog
couple holding their dog
couple kissing by a river

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