puppy love! niki+greg. limerick, maine couples photography

couple snuggle with their dogs in the winter
I dare you to try not to say 'awww!' when you look at that photo.. seriously, I don't think it can be done. what's even more amazing is they are just as sweet as they are good looking! I am such a lucky girl, to have such amazing clients.

Niki and Greg are from out of state (the south, to be technical) so for them to do outside winter photos was pretty amazing, too. ;) they were troopers, even when their dogs were a little crazy! on top of being gorgeous themselves, they have a gorgeous house on a lake! not gonna lie, I'm pretty jealous.

couple kiss in the snow

aren't they the cutest? anyway, enough chatter from me.. more photos, and a big congrats to Niki who is graduating soon!

couple pose with their dogs in the snow
couple gets kisses from their dogs

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