a hockey player and a canadian.. it was meant to be! allison+chad. presque isle, maine proposal photography

i was never a sappy person, or a girly girl. and then i started doing photography and that all changed. or at least that's what i'm blaming the change on. i was crying at weddings left and right, tearing up when clients gave me reviews, basically everything. one thing i had wanted to photograph FOREVER was a proposal. and i was lucky enough to have two (yes, TWO!) in one week! i had to try ssoooo hard not to give it away.. i was literally shaking when Chad popped the question to his beautiful fiance Allison! we had been planning it for over a month, and i still could barely keep it together!

we had tried to plan out how he would ask and we figured out i could distract her on one side of the barn, while he "got something out of the truck." he knew she would get impatient, so we went to see what he was doing. as we came around the corner, Chad had the BIGGEST smile on his face and Allison's face was priceless. he said something about how he loved her more than anything (i think haha) and asked her to marry him. (i honestly don't remember exactly what he said, i was trying to concentrate on not crying! haha!)

guys, take note. GIRLS LOVE THIS. i mean, seriously. it is amazing to have such a huge moment in your lives captured. so. sweet. Chad gets mad points for being the first one to schedule this with me (even if Jarred swooped in and did his first! hah) and being such a sweet guy throughout the whole session. the way he looks at Allison is nothing short of swoonworthy! it meant so much he asked me to be there to shoot this for him and Allison.







p.s. i LOVE shooting proposals. love love loveeeeee it. just sayin' ;) if you're thinking of proposing, talk to me! samantha@samanthamariephotographymaine.com


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