prepare yourselves for the obxnoxiously cute charlotte+allan! falmouth, maine couples photographer

i really love traveling, so i REALLY love when i do sessions that involve travel! the lovely Charlotte and Allan delivered on that ;) Charlotte worked at the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on Mackworth Island, and told me it may be a good spot. after she told me everything that was there, i wholeheartedly agreed! i am SO glad she suggested it, it is seriously gorgeous. when i think the Portland area, i usually think lots of urban stuff - graffiti, alleyways, stuff like that. i'm glad to know about a non-urban spot now! Mackworth has a little bit of everything - woods, fields, a beach area, fairy houses in the woods.. ugh. so many swoon worthy spots. and then to add in a ridiculously sweet and beautiful couple (where the husband is Scottish?!) yeah. i was in heaven.










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