he's her lobster! kari+joey. bar harbor, maine couples photographer

i have no idea why the phrase 'he's her lobster!' popped into my head. i've been watching Friends a lot, and maybe Kari would appreciate it? or maybe not. who cares :P anyway, i went to high school with Kari and while her husband was home on R+R from the army, we did a quick wedding/elopement inspired session in Bar Harbor! some locals gave me some really cool ideas for locations that wouldn't be flooded with tourists, and i LOVE them. can't wait until the summer to do some more down there :)

these cool cats are one of the cutest couples i know, and they're always laughing with each other. it's so sweet how much they love each other, and Kari is probably one of the strongest people i know.. i can't even imagine the crap Army wives have to go through. and now that she's moved half way across the country to Texas (insert big sad face here) i don't get to see her much, so i stalk her on instagram. what, it's not creepy, we're friends in real life! ;) and she's doing crazy amazing things with her health - check out her blog! now check out these crazy adorable kids!


i know the next one is totally out of focus but it is SO freaking hilarious i needed to include it.. i was trying to back over the rocks to not get hit, so my camera went a little focus crazy. hah!

check out Courtney + Eric's session done in the same spots! it really shows that any spot can be shot in many different ways; the same spot will never look the same to me.


  1. I love your ring shots! Do you use a macro lens for those? I think my favorite photo is that last one of them in the water :) It's great!

    1. i'm pretty sure i was using a macro on these ones. i honestly don't remember when i bought it, but i love it!


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