my very own, ittle wittle baby bwother! kenneth. presque isle, maine senior photographer

my mom wanted to do something a little different for some of mine and my little brother's senior photos. I had some done with our two grandmothers, and Kenneth had some done with our two grandfathers. good idea, huh? it turned out to be an awesome  idea for Kenneth's senior photos, because a month after Kenneth graduated HS, our maternal grampy was diagnosed with colon cancer, and a month after that, he passed away. Kenneth had already entered basic training for the Army at that point, and he wouldn't have been able to leave without re-starting the whole thing, so he didn't get to see him before he passed. these photos will be forever treasured because of how fleeting life is. and they are all apparently very serious dudes.

so like I've said, I've made my seniors do some crazy things (like jump off cliffs.) I didn't make Kenneth to too many crazy things.. just climb a train, ya know. in hindsight, we probably should have done that last just in case he had fallen off or gotten hurt somehow. oops.

since Kenneth is my little brother, I figured he'd give me a hard time the whole time, but I think since I had been out of the house (aka not near him all the time) for about 5 years at that point, it actually went ridiculously well! we went to a bunch of different spots and got some killer shots. the black and white train one is one of my faves ever still.
the black and white on on the car is probably my favorite from the whole session, as well as one of my faves evahhh! such a good model.
and we did some photos with our grams, since Kenneth was up in PI anyway ;) PFC White has since graduated high school, went to Oklahoma for Army basic training, South Carolina for AIT, and now Korea for Honor Guard duty *update* he's now stationed in Fort Bliss after a year in Korea. so proud of him!

would you do a few family photos with important people during your senior photos? tell me in the comments!


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