my famous family! the chase family. mapleton, maine family photographer

i really love when new people email me and they talk about how they love my photos.. and how their friends/brothers/uncle's mechanic/sister-in-law's doctor's niece have done photos with me and they're always jealous of the photos.. and i love it when they're so sweet, i just can't wait to meet them! those are all pretty obvious things i would love, right? ;) well i also love when they are over the top excited to work with me AND they have the perfect spot picked out, and when they're sort of famous ;) Heather has the sweetest family and they own an organic dairy farm in Mapleton! they're one of the farm families that provides milk for  MOO Milk. (you can read more about MOO Milk on their website or they also have a facebook page. they support lots of Maine farmers and other small Maine businesses.) enough about milk, onto the cuties! Heather's husband (who's name i'm honestly blanking on because i'm horrible with names and usually only message the women a ton, not the guy!) drove a tractor down to a gorgeous field (which had no cows, because they were brought into the barn JUST as i was getting to their house *huge sad face here*) so we could do photos with the tractor and the beautiful view.

these cuties were so much fun to shoot! in between silly faces and pretending to drive the tractor, we caught grasshoppers and snuggled with the dog. i'd say it was a pretty successful session :) next time, Heather has promised to do some with the cows!


would you ever do photos in or near your home? tell me in the comments!


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