every summer has a story. lindsey+zach. presque isle, maine couples photographer

oh.em.freaking.gee. this session is full of yay! and with extra yay!berries mixed in! it turned out better than i could have imagined. for being as bossy as i can be at weddings, and someone who can be fairly loud, i actually hate doing photos in front of crowds of people. i get super awkward (and if we've met, um, hello, i'm already Queen of the Awkwards so being MORE awkward is really saying something) and nervous that people are looking at me. i have NO idea where it comes from.. i was never introverted until recently, i've never been afraid to speak my mind, or do my own thing (and i mean, i was a weird mix of punk/hipster/scene kid in high school with every color hair and piercings up my ears) but put me with my camera and a couple in a crowd? NOT my idea of fun. i knew i reaaaaaally wanted to do some fun photos AT the fair though, and i figured 'hey, if some couple is willing to do all sorts of cutesy stuff at the fair, i can suck it up.' and wow, was it so worth it!

i love basically every photo from the super cute Lindsey and Zach's session at the Northern Maine Fair! they were willing to do whatever i wanted and Zach even won his beautiful lady a prize from one of the games. it was really fun to do something totally different from what i normally do, and i loved the date night feel of the session.


want to do your own date night-esque session? talk to me!


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