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oh. em. gee. Jenna and Sean make the prettiest (and craziest!) little girls. not surprising, considering Jenna's quite the pretty lady herself!
parents hanging children upside down presque isle maine
adorable, right? and I'm not lying when I say they're as crazy as they are cute. Belah is a wild one, and will most definitely be a heartbreaker annyyyytime now. she already has a boyfriend, and she has him trained! smart little girl.
beautiful blonde little girl presque isle maine
I've had the honor of knowing Jenna + Sean for about 2 years now (I think..) and Belah is JUST starting to warm up to me. I get hugs now when I leave! :) her little sister Marleigh is just as adorable, and makes pretty much the best faces ever. they are both always on the go, but at least reverse psychology works with Belah!
beautiful blonde little girl presque isle maine
if I keep going, I'll just keep repeating myself on how they're super cute, so see for yourself!

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