my job is so rough with all these beautiful people like kelsie + nathan! presque isle, maine couples photographer

I would take photos of Kelsie and Nathan all day, every day if I could. Remember the beautiful Keslie? well her boyfriend is just as cute! she has the prettier face though! ;)

cute couple sitting on stairs
along with being such easy lens-targets, they are ssoo sweet AND funny. even though Kelsie and I ganged up on Nate, he was a good sport the whole time. that never happens with boys. ever. usually about half way through the session (if that long) they start doing the little kid thing and adult ADD kicks in, and we've lost their attention for the rest of the time. so 10+ points to Nate for being a totally good sport! and I promised I wouldn't embarrass him publicly, but let's just say he gets a lot of points for.. not complaining about doing photos ;)

cute couple at sunset presque isle maine

on top of being sweet, funny and adorable they just ooze happiness and love for each other. (I can't think of a word besides ooze, even though ooze makes it sound gross.. I'll work on that!) and I think it's ridiculously cute that Nate commented on the pageant photos of Kelsie saying how beautiful she was. (note to other guys: that whole thing about a girl wanting to hear she's beautiful, not hot is 100% true. just fyi!)
cute couple at sunset presque isle maine
doesn't he look super happy? boys, if you do photos with your girl WITHOUT complaining you will get soooo many points. you'll get a ridiculous amount of points if YOU suggest doing photos. for real.

since basically all of their photos came out fabulous, here's a whole bunch :)

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