a real life Lily and Marshall! fort fairfield, maine engagementphotographer

I love sweet people. and I love pretty people. and I really love people that are pretty AND sweet! meet Bridget and Jared.

cute couple cuddling in snow fort fairfield maine 
isn't her smile totally gorg? they're probably one of the most in love couples I've had the pleasure of meeting. I know all engaged couples are in love, but you know the couples that love just oozes out of them and you can tell they are meant for each other? that's these guys.

we met on a ridiculously cold January afternoon at the very spot that Jared proposed to Bridget. so sweet! since it was still winter, we did a whole cuddly theme with hot cocoa and a homemade fluff blog thing that was supposed to be a heart (that was my bad), and blankets. pretty much the exact opposite of what their May wedding will be like.. aka - there will be no snow there! instead there will be lots of cherry blossoms, pink and general beautifulness. how can there not be, with these two getting hitched?

heart snowball with engagement ring fort fairfield maine

Bridget is probably one of the sweetest ladies ever, and Jared would do anything for her. I love seeing that in the couples I photograph! he didn't complain once about doing photos, just the cold ;) which was understandable since it was ridiculous that day! and Bridget even supports his football team now, so much so that she watched a game instead of going to a bridal fashion show. she's a keeper, Jared!

cute couple cuddling under blanket fort fairfield maine

and today while finding photos for this post, I was like "wow. their height difference is totally Lily and Marshall!" yes, I'm addicted to How I Met Your Mother. Bridget has apparently never seen the show (I think she must live under a rock!) but she said on their first date Jared said she reminded him of one of the girls on the show. it's like I'm meant to be their photographer ;) and I'm so so so excited (and honored!) to be shooting their May wedding! you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for some major gorgeousness over the next few months ;)


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