kelly and her handsome men! presque isle, maine family photography

disclaimer:: this post may make you cry as well. probably not as much as the homecoming blog did, but you will probably still tear up a little.

family of three cuddling presque isle maine

if you've read the homecoming post, you know that Kelly and I have been doing photos for almost a year now. (I think it's a year in May!) and we've been doing monthly photos of Parker since he was 3 months old. he's 9 months now, so that was 6 months where Andrew was stationed in Afghanistan.

family of three cuddling presque isle maine
(disclaimer, part 2: I just teared up while thinking about this, so seriously, grab some tissues.)

as I sit here writing this post, Andrew is getting ready to leave his baby and wife and go back to Afghanistan. I have really awful timing, I know. Kelly is the single strongest woman I know, and I constantly admire her strength throughout all of this. even if I make her cry all the time ;) she got her payback today by posting a photo of Andrew holding P before he boards the plane. thanks for that Kelly. really, thanks, I definitely bawled.

I haven't seen or heard Kelly complain once, I haven't seen her cry (except at the homecoming), and I'm pretty sure she always has a smile on her face. I'm starting to wonder if she's got some really good drugs.. cause I would be a total wreck. at least she has this cutie to keep her preoccupied ;)

army brat smiling presque isle maine

he's my fave little 9 month old ;) it's been so much fun getting to see him grow up, and it blows my mind he's crawling and so close to talking.  SO CRAZY. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that he saves his first words and steps until a session of ours.. high hopes, but how rad would that be?

so before I start crying again, I have to make a plug for a new up-and-coming organization offering free homecoming sessions to military families! Welcome Them Home is accepting photographer applications and if you're a military family, you can find a photographer in your area. they also have a WTH facebook page. homecomings are a really rewarding experience, so if you are a photog, sign up!

and it's not a Jones family post without a tearjerker video..

are you an Army wife? how do you deal with deployments? leave some tips in the comments!


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