the cutest family ever! couture family. mars hill, maine family photographer

family of five in the fall

that photo should let you know to prepare yourself for some ridiculously cute kids! I met Courtney and her kiddos in the fall of 2010 and they are ridiculously adorable and they have gotten SO big already! It bums me out, I can't even imagine how Courtney feels!

this is from 2010:
three cute kids
and this is 2011:
updated photo of three cute kids
they need to stop growing. for real.

this time Courtney's hubby Frank was home so we got some photos of their perfect little family. with parents as good looking as them, the kiddos are obviously going to be models when they grow up.

kids playing in the fall leaves
on top of their kids being super cute, they're all such sweeties too! Courtney is probably one of the most chill moms I've had at sessions which. is. awesome. kids are energetic and a little crazy, so if you let them do their thing they'll be much happier which makes for better photos which makes you a happy momma! and their outfits are perfectly coordinated. adorbs.

kids playing in the fall leaves

kids laughing

and when your kids are acting natural, you'll get real smiles. isn't that what you want to remember? not the forced smiles or scowls from them sulking? ;) if it is what you want to remember, book a session now!


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