james and melody's beachy wedding perfection! ogunquit, maine wedding photographer

groom wiping away a tear during the ceremony

once upon a time a few years ago, I advertised my wedding photography on craigslist. (this was before the 'craigslist killer', not that things like that scare me off from a specific site anyway.) it was kind of a gamble besides that, cause who knows if the bride + groom would actually pay (even with a contract/deposit), if they'd be nice, if they were even having a big wedding.. all kinds of things.

I ended up getting two brides + grooms from it. both couples were from out of state, and one got married right on the beach, and it was a lot of fun! this is the other couple. ;) (which is also the story of the first wedding where I didn't know anyone there to begin with, and none of my friends did either!)

like I said, I figured I'd give craigslist a try for advertising, cause it's free and free = awesome.. I am SO glad I did. Melody and James are ridiculously gorgeous, sweet and nice. and they got married at the Beachmere Inn in Ogunquit. seriously. beautiful. there are cliffs overlooking the ocean, a huge lawn, a gorgeous inn, everything was perfect!

peony centerpiece and pink seaglass

beach themed weddings can be either totally adorbs or borderline tacky and Melody blew past the totally adorbs line! pink and white sea glass decorated the tables which had super beautiful pink and white peony centerpeices.  *swoon* and the favors were so cute! there was just one thing missing.. none of us thought to wear sunblock. pretty sure we all looked like lobsters the next day. and I had another outside wedding.. I was pretty sore after that weekend!

pink wedding cake and topper

I don't have photos of the awful sunburns, so check out the cute cake instead ;)

so anyway, Melody and James are from upstate New York, so we didn't get to do an engagement session or anything before the wedding (sad face) but that also meant she had NO idea what I looked like! we met at the Meadowmere, the sister inn to the Beachmere, and she said "I didn't think you'd know who I was, and then I realized 'duh, I'm the girl in the big white dress!'" from that moment on, I knew I lucked out with a sweet and beautiful bride!

everyone in the wedding party was so good looking and nice, too. seriously, I lucked out big time. there was a snafu with the meal, and the waitstaff had a meal for me but no place for me to eat! (note to brides: you should feed your vendors, and either have a place in the reception area for them, or some place close by!) a groomsman ended up talking to me outside of the tent where I stood inhaling my salad.. I must have looked insane. once I got my actual dinner, the rest of the bridal party were done eating, so he made another groomsman move so I could sit and eat. so so sweet! I couldn't have asked for a better 'first wedding where I don't know anyone.'

onto more photos, before I keep rambling! although there will be more rambling after these ones ;)

view of the beach from the hoteldad walking bride down the aisle
bridesmaids crying at ceremonygroom crying and first kiss
I don't (usually) cry at weddings. I think in the 4 years I've been photographing weddings, I've cried maybe 3 times total. This was the very first one I cried at, and I like I said, I don't even know them! but the minute that James started crying, I started bawling. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the house! Two of the bridesmaids were sisters to Melody and James, and they cried the whole time, I think. Melody and her now sister-in-law had been best friends for quite a while, and they went out one night to dance and Melody actually got James to dance with her, which was quite the feat. and well, the rest is history ;)

wedding party on cliff

quite the good looking group, eh? and yes, we went out ON the cliffs at the Beachmere to do photos. LOVE. good looking couple + beautiful day at the ocean + cliffside photos = aaaaaaah-mazing wedding photos.

now for more photos and less rambling, after one final note - I was so honored to be chosen as their wedding photographer. it means a lot to be chosen as someone's wedding photographer, every single time. and it was such a fun and beautiful wedding, which even had an after party. no photos of that though, I was invited to enjoy myself there.. and an almond joy martini. yummm.

first dance as husband and wife

laughter during a father daughter dance

crying during a mother son dance
cutting and feeding of the wedding cake

funny bouquet toss

garter toss at the reception
bride and groom with grandparents
line dancing at reception
fun dancing at a wedding reception
groom twirling his bride

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