giveaway :: caption contest

i want to hear your BEST captions for this photo! funniest caption will receive TWO one day passes + an hour long session, and 2nd funniest will receive TWO one day passes + a 30 minute session.

- only ONE caption per person.
- captions MUST be posted on THIS blog post OR the link to this blog post on my facebook page. they will not count if they're posted anywhere else, these are the only places you can post them so they count.
- contest will be open from 8:30am-8pm. winners will be announced around 9pm.
- you MUST be in the Presque Isle area. if you're NOT in the PI area, but know someone who would like the tickets and your comment is chosen, you can give your tickets to them.
- you have to be able to pick up the tickets from me either Saturday evening or Sunday morning.
- my fiance and i will be the ones judging the comments. for anyone who is wondering ;)

aaandddd GO! give me the ONE funniest caption you can think of! again, either on this blog post or on the link which is on my fb page!