the cutest twins around! chase+charlee. presque isle, maine family photographer

brother and sister holding hands

Chase and Charlee are some of the cutest kids around, and it always makes me giggle how polar opposite they are. Chase is a total flirt and ladies man, and Charlee is super independent and serious. I've known them since they were 10 months old (I seriously wish Chelsea and her mom Leasha found me before they were born. newborn twins.. AHHH! if you know someone who is having twins, have them get in touch with me for a great newborn deal!) when I met them at my first Halloween minis. Leasha had chick outfits for them, and Chelsea had octopus and shark costumes. so. adorable.

twins holding hands
twins snuggling with mom
twins trying to blow bubbles
now they are two, and cuter than ever! Chelsea brought them to the muddy mini session day, but by their session the weather had gotten really cold and they looked too cute to get totally muddy ;) so we just did some cute shots of them playing with bubbles, generally being cute, and some with Momma Chels!

watching Chase try to blow the bubbles may have been one of the cutest things I've ever seen. as well as Charlee getting impatient and taking the bubble wand away from him ;) there will be many more photos of these two cuties in the future!

twins in matching John Deere hats

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