gorgeous girls are my faves! kelsie. presque isle, maine model photographer

I don't know how I got so lucky, but I have the most beautiful clients.
pageant queen headshot presque isle maine
totally not fair, right? seriously - I have the most gorgeous clients evaaahhhhh. need more proof? see example one, two, and three.

Kelsie is a pageant girl and needed a headshot and photo for photogenic in her next pageant - Miss Eastern Maine (Good luck Kelsie! you'll do amazing!) and I was so excited she asked me to do them! I've secretly been jealous of photographers who got to do her photos because she is such a pretty lady, I thought she'd look great in my port ;) and whaddya know, she does! AND I've had the pleasure of photographing Kelsie with her very handsome boyfriend. who I won't embarass. yet. those ones will be up soon, and I'll edit this post to link to it!

pageant queen headshot presque isle maine
I have no idea how she manages to look so good while we were both FREEZING! luckily when we did couple's photos it was like a million degrees warmer and *swoon* we hit the perfect golden hour time! eeeee, too much adorableness.

and of course, here's a slideshow with my faves!

don't forget to check out Kelsie's couples session with her boyfriend Nathan!


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