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i had a lot of fun with my first Pinspiration contest! i had 20 entries which means there were a lot of awesome images to go through. i mean, seriously, you guys rocked out the pinning! I was definitely going to have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner, but that just wasn't possible. i loved so many of the ideas and with the HUGE variety, i've decided to do a few winners in each category. there was one overall winner though, because i am obsessed with her board!
the 1st place winners won a free one hour session, 2nd places won a half hour session and 3rd places won a mini session. anyone who entered will receive 25% off any session they do :)

Overall Winner - Tiffany Stevens! and since she was the overall winner, she'll receive a mini accordion album with her session as well. you can see her board here. 
the tattoos, puppys, really gorgeous artsy landscapes just made me fall in love.

1st Places -
Maternity - Alicia Levesque! see her board here.
she isn't pregnant (yet) but i am so excited for when they do have a baby! i loved her vintage inspired maternity pins and the unique baby belly ones too.
Teen/Senior - Jordan Canney! see her board here.
i love the idea of a glitter+paint filled session with a group of friends! i love photographing HSers, and i love creative HSers even more :)
Family - Jessica Voisine! see her board here.
i loved the cohesiveness of her board (not a requirement, i just liked it!) and the adorable lifestyle (aka not cheesy!) poses she found. the idea of mason jars and lights in the trees is so brilliant! and she found some super cute outfits for inspiration!

2nd Places -
Senior - Whitnie Bradbury! see her board here.
she found some ridiculously cute outfits. girl's got style! and she pinned a photo with huge balloons that i. freaking. love.
Boudoir - a bride of mine who has too many friends and family that follow me, and since it would be a surprise for her fiance, you guys can't see this one ;) just trust me it was geeky, sexy, pin-up-y and awesome.
Couple - Erica Brown! see her board here.
Erica found some really stunning photos, like the rain one with the light behind and the beach lights that are and she pinned a Harry Potter photo. that may or may not have won me over ;)
Family - Stacy Curry! see her board here.
she found some hilarious awkward family photos and some geeky family photos, which sort of makes me want her to do a geeky/awkward family photo sesh for her winning session ;)

3rd Places -
Model - Kelsey Gosselin! see her board here.
i loved the winter inspiration she pinned. especially the winter on a beach!
Couples - Lindsey Graves! see her board here.
i loved the variety of her pins - from vintage Hollywood to clothes, to really rad walkway stones that glow in the dark! everything was super lovely!
Family - Mary Woollard! see her board here.
i loved the wonderful family photos she found, especially since many of them are lifestyle and just the family being themselves. and there was one with a little girl dancing with her grampy that just melted my heart.
Everything - Michelle Phillips! see her board here.
i'm not kidding when i said everything. Michelle's board had 475 pins on it. YES. almost 500 pins! crazy! there was a little bit of everything on it. awesome fashiony pins, bubbles, Paris. so much awesome. what won me over was the superhero makeup pin ;)

Honorable Mentions -
Pin-Up - Erica McKnight! see her board here.
I LOVED Erica's retro pin-up board, buttttt she didn't follow all the rules ;P (aka - she didn't pin 3 photos from my blog.) so she just gets an honorable mention ;)

this was SO SO hard to choose! i literally couldn't pick just one for each.. you guys found some amazing stuff! congrats to the winners, i'll be messaging you guys asap to let you know details!


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