angela + spencer's beautiful beach inspired wedding! presque isle, maine wedding photographer

I really love it when engaged girls see me at their friend's wedding and then book me for their own. seriously, it's such an honor and totally exciting! I photographed Amelia + Dustin's wedding a few years ago and TWO of her friends booked me for their own wedding! very exciting! Kara + Dustin (LINK TO THEM) are getting married this summer (yay!), and Angela and Spencer got married last summer with the whole Catholic ceremony shabang and a dance-filled, beach themed reception.

I had never photographed a Catholic ceremony before this one, but had always admired the beautiful church and the gorgeous stained glass throughout. it was a really neat experience, full of tears from bride and groom, and Angela's grandfather helped with the ceremony. 

isn't the church totally gorg? it was really interesting to see how different a Catholic ceremony is compared to other religious/non-religious ceremonies. and I loved the priest telling the story of how they met! such a sweet way to tie everything together.

the last few are at the Presque Isle Country Club, which is one of my favorite venues in Presque Isle! there's room for an outside ceremony, plenty of spots for photos, and inside is gorgeous with lots of light! plus the staff is super helpful + nice, and their food is awesome. just don't judge their website, it doesn't look like it's been updated recently. 

their reception was probably one of the funnest I've ever seen, and it had lots of tears too! Angela cried, her new hubby Spencer cried during the father-daughter dance, and I'm 90% sure Spencer's brother cried during the mother-son dance. thank goodness Dustin doesn't have a facebook, pretty sure he'd hunt me down for telling people that! oh well ;) 

Angela was also one of the first brides I've seen who took part in what may be a new trend in the wedding world - bride dancing with her mom! next big thing?
I really love when brides and grooms actually enjoy themselves at their wedding! ;)


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