and then there were three! hollabaugh family. mapleton, maine family photographer

you may remember Crystal from the maternity session her husband booked for her! it has almost been a whole year since that first session. and you know what that means.. it's almost time for Tyler's big FIRST birthday! it's super exciting to see little ones grow up.. we've done a few sessions since that first one, and Tyler is usually less than impressed with me, but he's still cute as a button. we've only managed to get Dad in them once, but i'm going to tell Momma that he better do another family session for Tyler's first birthday ;) it's the least he can do since he lucked out every other time! we did this family session when little man was about 3 months old, in their own backyard! i love sessions like this, because they will mean twice as much.

are you interested in a session in or near your home? here are more examples of them and how sweet they can be!


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