life is better when you're laughing.. nikki+josh. presque isle, maine engagement photographer

couple dipping in front of a lake

Nikki and Josh are probably going to be one of my fave wedding couples ever. they have a super sweet love story, but i'll save that for their wedding blog ;) they are so sweet together, and Josh makes her laugh all the time. we invited Josh's parents to come and do some photos with their new daughter-in-law and granddaughter and they're almost as fun as Josh! i think it must be both of their awesomeness that makes him so fun ;) there aren't many people that would do a sassy pose just because a little girl told them to do one!

they had a beautiful winter wedding on December 15th and because i love them so much, i made them do a day after session too! both of those will be up soon-ish!

couple with parents and daughter
couple eskimo kissing with sunflare
 black and white of couple
 couple making a funny face
 couple laughing together
 black and white with girl looking at camera
 couple snuggling with daughter and parents
 family of three posing in field
 black and white of couple dancing

black and white of couple against building
  couple kissing in the trees
 boyfriend spinning his girlfriend around
 son and his father at an old schoolhouse
 son and his mother at old schoolhouse
 sassy family photo
 family photo with everyone holding hands
 couple snuggling on steps of old schoolhouse
  couple standing in field with lots of negative space

 black and white of couple dipping in field

 family photo in leaves  family photo throwing leaves up

 girl wrapping arms around fiance


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