prepare yourselves for the obxnoxiously cute charlotte+allan! falmouth, maine couples photographer

couple eskimo kissing

i really love traveling, so i REALLY love when i do sessions that involve travel! the lovely Charlotte and Allan delivered on that ;) Charlotte worked at the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on Mackworth Island, and told me it may be a good spot. after she told me everything that was there, i wholeheartedly agreed! i am SO glad she suggested it, it is seriously gorgeous. when i think the Portland area, i usually think lots of urban stuff - graffiti, alleyways, stuff like that. i'm glad to know about a non-urban spot now! Mackworth has a little bit of everything - woods, fields, a beach area, fairy houses in the woods.. ugh. so many swoon worthy spots. and then to add in a ridiculously sweet and beautiful couple (where the husband is Scottish?!) yeah. i was in heaven.
 couple laughing together
 husband kissing his wife on the cheek

husband and wife laughing together
 husband dipping his wife
 husband and wife dancing on the beach  husband and wife laughing on the beach

husband and wife dancing
 husband and wife sitting in the woods
 hsuband and wife eskimo kissing
 husband looking off wife looking at camera
 husband and wife being silly

husband and wife laughing at each other
  husband kissing wife on cheek while she laughs

husband dips wife in forest
 black and white of husband and wife kissing

 couple snuggling in wheat field
 black and white of couple snuggling


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