the most talkative senior boy ever! hayden. presque isle, maine senior photographer

Holly makes some ridiculously good looking children. need more proof than this handsome senior? check out his beautiful little sister Hadley! and Hayden was the most talkative senior boy i've ever shot. most of the time it's like pulling teeth to get them to talk, but Hayden answered questions, asked ME questions and he definitely surprised me with his ambition. he wants to be a professor someday. crazy, right? the stuff he knew about our education system surprised me.. handsome, nice AND smart? he'll be quite the catch some day ;)

tell me which photo is your fave in a comment below!


  1. Great photos, Sam!!

  2. The 4th one.....shows a little bit if both his parents. Holly's beauty and that little twinkle in his eye that his father always had. Great combo on Hayden, handsome!


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