the senior who got checked out! heather. presque isle, maine senior photographer

yeah, you read that right. some complete creeper, totally checked out Heather during our session. full on, walked past, turned around and CHECKED HER OUT. i was pretty mortified.. i mean, really, who does that? it was pretty clear we were doing photos.. and Heather was WAY out of his league. ugh.

anyway, it did give us a good laugh and at the end of the session she showed off her guns. for real, girl is jacked. she may be tiny, but i'm pretty sure she could have kicked that creeper's ass. she totally rocked her session and we're supposed to do a snow session, which i am super excited for! :) keep your eyes peeled for more of this gorgeous girl!



would you mess with those guns? i think not. check out (in a non-creepy way, of course) some of my other seniors!


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