the senior who i made sit on a toilet. travis. houlton, maine senior photographer

oh yes, you read that right. i made him sit on a toilet that was in someone's front yard. for real. i put the photo in this post ;) (you can go scroll down to see it and then come back and read this part. or not. i'm not the police of the interwebz. but it would be nice if you read it ;) it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing people read the blog!) anywayyyy, we did Travis's senior session around downtown Houlton and we got some really sweet grungey backgrounds and some more lowkey nature-y shots. it was tons of fun wandering around Houlton with Trav and his girlfriend Carlyn.. and of course, forcing him to sit on the toilet. that was probably the highlight of my month, no joke.



for your own photos, do you prefer urban settings or country? tell me in the comments!


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