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note to you guys: I am based out of Maine, but I will go anywhere for weddings! I have done weddings all over Maine, as well as one in Washington DC/Virginia (this one!) and one in New York (my first one!) and I would loveeee to photograph a wedding in every state! ;) hint hint! 

I adore these two guys. they are some of the sweetest, best people ever. and this past weekend was their one year anniversary weekend! so BIG congrats to them!

wedding ceremony with a view

their wedding was perfect. their wedding party was SO much fun to work with, the casual but elegant feel was amazing with their venue, the cake was to die for, and oh yeah, did I mention they're super handsome?

wedding ceremony at dc memorial

Jon and Greg (also known as Jonory.. that story will be explained after a photo or two!) were legally married in Washington D.C. on a gorgeous Friday evening at the Jefferson Memorial. Apparently there are two of them in DC, according to our driver's iphone gps, so we tried to speed through DC. at 5pm. aka - RUSH HOUR. yeah, almost not good. we (I'll be using 'we' a lot, because my fabulous fiance Kevin was my second shooter for the day. you'll be seeing some of his shots too!) were dropped off and I took off running to where they were getting married. I was in a dress with leggings and ballet flats. I must have looked crazy running across the lawn and jumping over random things. I'm cool.

anyway, their ceremony was gorgeous and we did some photos on the lawn, in front of the memorial and some stunning ones in the memorial before the sunset. gorrrr-geous.
groom and groom with their wedding license
grooms and wedding party at monument
seriously amazing, right?
 (there also may or may not be a photo of an Asian tourist jumping in on their wedding shot in the set-up on the left.)

Greg and Jon entered a national wedding contest through Crate and Barrel and gained a lot of support, from DC (obviously!) to Maine (hey!) to California and beyond. they had to submit a story about why they deserved a dream wedding paid for by C&B and then the public got to vote on all the stories. easy peasy lemon squeezy. it turned into a huge competition, including celebs tweeting to vote for them, a very active facebook campaign, and a few stories in newspapers and magazines. and a celeb name for them was coined, think Bennifer or Brangelina, but more fabulous.. and Jonory was born. They ended up placing second (out of a lot of couples!) and getting a C&B gift card to furnish their apartment. Crate & Barrel is pretty awesome, by the way. check out their site!

on Saturday, we went to Hillsboro, Virginia for their second ceremony and reception. oh. my. gosh. their venue was SO gorgeous! The Hillsborough Vineyards is seriously an elite venue. the staff was fantastic (and I use to waitress at weddings, I know my stuff!), the views were spectacular and the event coordinator was so helpful and super friendly. if you're in VA or just want to get married out of your state and love vineyards, check them out!
wine glass and calla lilies
 Hillsboro sign and vineyard signs
 fun wedding party shots
Jon and Greg had one of the best wedding parties I've ever worked with. the ladies were all gorgeous and so sweet, and the guys were so handsome and funny! Some of the time when I have the maids + men be goofy I get the "uhh.. we're adults." look.. not with these guys! side note: Jon and Greg also opted for a 'first look' type of thing, where they saw each other before the ceremony. you have no idea how helpful that can be! we got tons more photos of them, the whole wedding party, and every combo of girls and guys possible. much, much easier.

after photos, they had a laugh filled, sweet ceremony followed by their super fun reception! no detail was over looked - including great toasts, amazing cake, sweet Mother + Son dances and a Jewish chair dance. now for more photos! at the bottom of this post, I'll show you a great reason to have a second shooter.. this one happened to be my awesome fiance!

fun wedding party group shots

groom dipping his groom and kissing

family shots

groom and groom formal shots

fun wedding photos

gorgeous wedding rings

fun wedding party shots

start of wedding ceremony

mother walking her son down the aisle

grooms laughing during the ceremony
panoramic ceremony shot
first kiss as a married couple
breaking of a wine glass tradition
speeches at the reception
speeches at the reception
beautiful wedding cake on a wine barrel
cutting the wedding cake
Jewish chair dance
 first dance as husbands
 dance with moms

second shooters can be a really valuable addition to your wedding because they (here comes a super obvious part!) get a second view! mind blowing, right? there are times I just can't be everywhere, although it does feel like that as I'm running across one area to another in ballet flats and a dress ;) anyway, having a second shooter helps in situations like getting two angles as you walk down the aisle! and during intros at the reception. here are a few examples, shots by Kevin are marked, all are edited by me.
two angles of the ceremony
 wine glass in focus and jonory behind
the photo with the wine glass on the right was cropped a little in the collage, but it's still one of my fave photos ever!

didn't get enough Jonory? check out the slideshow for even MORE Jonory! ;)

did you know i offer incentives for destination weddings? HINT: i consider any wedding outside of Maine a destination wedding! ;) hit me up for more details!


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