prepare for some super obnoxiously adorable people! kara+dustin. van buren, maine engagement photographer

engaged couple holding their son
first - this photo makes me melt. every single time I look at it. melt-ing.
second - Kara and Dustin are the second couple I met at her friend Amelia's wedding! Angela + Spencer being the first. Kara shouted at me from the dance floor - "HEY! do you travel for weddings?" to which I replied "yes, yes I do." or something along those lines, it was like 3 years ago.. I just remembered a drunk guest shouting at me ;) fast-forward to summer of 2011 and we're doing engagement photos for her and her man at his family's camp!

engaged couple holding hands at a lake
both of their families are very French and it made me realize that since I've been out of high school, I haven't spoken nearly enough French! and people from the Valley are notorious for speaking Franglais and my eyes glaze over once people start speaking in Franglais. loses me every time. and they can hold their alcohol and party a lonngggg time so I'm so so excited for this wedding! I may have to bring my fiance assistant to properly capture all the awesomeness ;)
engaged couple at a lake
 aren't they the cutest? and their son is going to be a total ladykiller when he grows up! I cannot wait until their wedding, it's going to be one for the record books!
engaged couple laughing together

why not do engagement photos somewhere super special to you? talk to me about ideas for your own session!


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