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Courtney and Eric are like the super version of high school sweethearts. they've been together almost half their lives. which blows my longest relationship of 2 years totally out of the water. AND they're still as cute together as they were when they first started dating! andddd they also suffered through Central High. where we did these photos. and yes, the title is a quote from Eric.. he was joking. i think. ;)

army couple kissing in a field

they somehow survived high school together, college and now Eric being in the army. she's a stronger woman than me! Courtney and Eric have been married for 2.5 years now, and they have done anniversary photos each year so far. the first year we did them at Cascade Park in Bangor and they came out adorable, but how could they not with these two as my lens target?

high school sweethearts kissing

all of those are still some of my faves. especially the black and white one. so sweet. lately I've been trying to make couples sessions more personal, and what would be more personal to them then doing photos at Central where they started their relationship? ;)

army couple at school where they met

we wandered around Central and didn't get kicked out! don't laugh, I almost got kicked out once.  anywayyyyy, we managed to find some sweet spots inside to do cutesy photos of them, even though they felt weird making out in the halls! they probably got yelled at least a few times for doing that gross, inappropriate stuff while in high school ;)

army couple at school where they met
army couple at school where they met

are they not the cutest couple ever? hopefully very, very soon we'll be doing maternity photos.. and I can't wait! (*update* we have been doing maternity photos as of November 2012, and little man is due the end of March!) but sooner than that, I'll be doing family photos with Courtney, her bro and sis and Momma who moved to Scotland! and I will try to convince Momma Nora that her and her hubby want photos of them.. in
Scotland..by me. I'll let you know how that goes ;)

army couple at school where the met
I seriously suck at not repeating photos. oh well. check out their newest session here!


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