shoot out! presque isle, maine headshot + model photographer

girl in flowered dress in road
have to put this here, cause I don't want to be the one that comes up on the preview!

I'm hardly ever in front of the camera, so I can totally understand the stress and awkwardness of doing photo sessions. I'm self conscious, I'm awkward, I could stand to lose some weight. but I still did it. and it really wasn't that bad. ;) so no excuses, don't put off photos!

presque isle maine photographer samantha white
one of the photos from our first session! you can see more here

when I started the whole re-brand, new marketing, blog adventure I realized I had no recent photos of myself that were professionally done! not surprising, since I like being behind the camera far more ;) obviously! anyway, I asked on my facebook if any photographers wanted to trade sessions, and Chastity from Chastity Laura Photography said she'd love to do it! lucky me, since I liked her stuff anyway (which is good, cause I'm pretty picky!)

the first day we met at 7am (i'll blog about this at some point, but early morning and late afternoon light is the best.. I'll shoot at other times of day, but never from 11am-1pm unless it's a wedding and I have to. direct sunlight is so gross, and there's no shade right around noon. anyway, stay tuned for that post!) and it was super duper cold. we had been spoiled a couple of weeks before with 70 degree temps in March. yeah, that never happens in northern Maine. I think we both assumed, oh well, it's March, it won't be that cold. wrong. so we did maybe 15-20 minutes of shooting and then we took off. problem was, we only did my photos that day!

smiling girl against wall

sssooo we met recently around sunset at a super interesting spot (details on that at the end of the post!) and did some more photos of me (which was awesome, cause I found my favorite. shirt. ever. seriously, the most rad shirt in the history of the world.. I'll post a pic of it when I have one!) isn't she aaaahdorable?

I had a lot of fun having my photos done by Chas and doing hers. I convinced her to switch from Nikon to Canon  - yes! - and she taught me how to read my light meter (it helps get perfectly lit photos, or either really dark/bright ones) in my camera -yay!- and we looked like total creepers in the session. no big deal.

She had mentioned the first time that she gets nervous photographing other photographers, and I totally didn't understand why until I did hers! when she said that I almost wanted to say 'well, if I didn't like your stuff I wouldn't have picked you..' but that's a little mean. when I did hers I found myself really paranoid about technical things - too busy backgrounds, is the focus spot on, how's the bokeh? things that I worry about with non-photographer sessions, but I don't over-analyze them like I did here. ugh. it can be pretty stressful. thank god Chas was so chill!

laughing girl in black and white

so back to the spot we met. everyone who correctly guesses where we did photos (I went and deleted the comments about it on our fb convo, so no trying to cheat! hah) in the comments on this blog post, you'll get a free mini-session on the next mini session day! 

and here are some more photos of the ever so lovely Miss Chastity!

serious girl sitting on steps

 girl in flowered dress

so where do you think we were?


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