robin + ben's off-beat and heartfelt lakeside wedding! orland, maine wedding photographer

As long as I've known Robin, she was never  the girl to need a boyfriend, which was rare in high school (we suffered through the same high school!) and I think she realized that guys from Central just weren't for her. As long as I had known her, I had never seen her as happy as she is when she looks at Ben.

I really love this job. I feel weird calling it a job, cause if I didn't have bills and/or like to eat, I would do this for free. I love photographing people in love. bonus when they're awesome. super bonus when they're good looking.  Robin and Ben are awesome and good looking. ;)

Robin and Ben met in college, when Robin spent a semester in California - aka the total opposite of UMaine. they started dating and ended up maintaining a long-distance relationship for a while which involved tons of phone calls, emails and random trips across the country. At long last, the couple moved to Alaska but decided to get married in Robin's home state - Maine! it was a huge honor to photograph their wedding, as Robin has always been very artsy and unique and it means a lot when artsy people hire me. our styles clicked perfectly and I was so happy to do this for them. and we had a little mini-reunion during the reception ;) there is a photo of all us Central kids, where I am IN the photo too. total miracle!

everything about their wedding was totally gorg. the weather was perfect at the Alamoosook Lakeside Inn, where they were married outside in front of the lake with a sage smudge, harpist and roses to honor lost loved ones. Robin's mom grew all the flowers for the centerpieces, and family and friends from all over came together to celebrate with Robin and Ben. And her engagement ring is insanely beautiful, and so her, and the diamond was from Ben's great-grandmother's engagement ring. I love rings with a story!

ahh, I could go on and on about how beautiful the day was, when you can just see for yourself!

wedding dress ring and flowers
ignore the photo that i used twice.. i fail.
bride getting ready for her wedding

and another one was apparently so good I had to feature it twice..
bride getting ready for her wedding

sage smudging at wedding
lakeside wedding ceremony
lakeside wedding ceremony
lakeside wedding ceremony
bride and groom's first kiss
 bride and groom walking away
 formal wedding group photos by a lake
offbeat bride and groom wedding photos
 bride and groom cutting the cake

dancing at wedding reception

dancing at wedding reception
 wedding formal photos
 dancing at wedding reception

some major gorgeousness going on, right? check out some more!

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