laura + josh's elegant and sweet wedding! presque isle, maine wedding photographer

so in Presque Isle, we don't really have many 'celebrities' to speak of. there's probably some published authors, some semi-famous artists, and then, of course, our newscasters!

engagement photos in a field
ignore the double watermarks.. i fail.

like the super adorable Laura Thomas! I'm not going to lie, when she emailed me about her wedding, I may have had a small freak out. possibly. in the middle of my living room. luckily my roommate wasn't home, or he would have thought I was crazy! Laura is probably the sweetest bride I've ever had the pleasure of photographing, and her husband is such a good guy too. I'm always amazed when guys don't complain during photos, and Josh didn't complain once and he even drove us to a spot he thought would be perfect for photos. +5pts to him! and they have the cutest dog ever - Henry!

Laura and Josh got married on a gorgeous September day with the ceremony at the beautiful United Congregational Church here which was officiated by Reverend Bob Grove-Markwood (one of my fave officiants in PI!) and his wife played the organ. Somehow they found room for the nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen at the alter too! you read that right, they had 18 people in their wedding party!

the ceremony had some super sweet moments, including Josh's two sisters doing readings and asking parents, family + friends to say bless their wedding. I may be stealing something like that for my own wedding! we did just a couple of photos in the church, and then we went to one of my favorite places - Riverside Park!, the UMPI soccer field and the parking lot of the PI Inn for some photos. surprisingly enough, I only had to use my big girl voice a few times during the posed wedding party photos! when she told me there would be 18 of them I'm pretty sure my exact reaction in my head was 'shut the front door! holy smokes!' except substitute smokes for a different word. and shut the front door for a different phrase. I'm SO glad they were all chill and all listened very well! the boys were quite goofy, but that's to be expected ;) thank goodness Laura + Josh rented two limos for the day, normally we'd be chasing stray groomsmen and excited bridesmaids all over the place to get them at the right spot for photos. not this time! after photos, we headed to their reception at the Northeastland Hotel and they take care of their brides! including giving them a room for the night, and if needed, a place to get ready during the day! thank goodness, cause we got some gems of photos there.

the reception was SUPER awesome, which was to be expected, from such an awesome couple. they rented some couches and set up a mini lounge in their reception area. totally rad, right? on top of that, they had the most amazing cupcakes and cakes from one of my favorite bakers - Torri Huston. (that's her personal facebook page, but you can see some of her cakes on there, as well as ask her questions, order a cake, etc!) and towards the end of the night, they had pizza delivered. so. awesome.

ceremony: United Congregational Church
reception: Northeastland Hotel
cake: Torri Huston of Creative Occasions.

bride with crazy hair

wedding dress shoes and patriots garter
groomsmen getting ready
bride getting her dress on.

wedding flowers and prayer book

start of wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony at altar

wedding ceremony in church

groomsmen and bridesmaid group shots
groomsmen and bridesmaid group shots
bride and groom formal photos
wedding formal family shots

WAGM news crew and the bride
bride and groom cutting their cake
bride and groom's first dance

oh, and did I mention we did photos on Main St. in downtown Presque Isle in the middle of the night? how's that for Downtown Revitalization! ;)

wedding photos in downtown at night

and now, for a whole bunch more set to their first dance song!
cake: Torri Bell Huston, Creative Occasions.
flowers: Cook's Florist, Presque Isle, ME.
hair: Jami at Hair & Beyond Salon, Presque Isle, ME.
limos: Luxury Limos (not sure if the number in this link is correct! they don't have a website that I can find.)


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