juliette + alex's intimate and offbeat wedding! camden + hallowell, maine wedding photographer

I submitted this wedding to a wedding magazine and I had to include this disclaimer in there too ::
I had to refrain from using the line "Juliette found her Romeo" as she has probably heard it like 6 million times. so there, I HAD thought of it, I just didn't want to subject her to it. again.

Julie is most definitely one of the sweetest people I have ever met. as well as one of the most beautiful! she's completely quirky (she's obsessed with Xena. and Hanson. so much so her dog is named Xena and she has a Hanson tattoo. I did say quirky ;) love it!) and would do anything for any of her friends or family. when she asked me to photograph her wedding, I was super duper honored, as Julie is a photographer too! it's a big deal to photograph a photographer in anyway, but a wedding is even more special. and Julie gave me one of the biggest compliments to date when she said 'your stuff is more inspired than many of the other photographer's work we've looked at.' um, wow. talk about a compliment!

groom kissing his bride on the cheek

I just love how in love they are. and how Alex would do anything to make Julie smile. and he calls her beautiful and gorgeous. such a sweetie. Julie and I went to middle school together and she transferred to a much better different school in HS where they met and have been dating almost ever since then. I had only met Alex once before the wedding, but you could tell how happy they were together. He is the yin to her yang, and they compliment each other perfectly.

their ceremony was at the Vesper Hill Children's Chapel in Camden, Maine. it is probably the cutest outside venue I have ever been in. it is surrounded by gorgeous greenery and flowers, and the chapel itself is adorable. perfect for a small, intimate wedding with close friends and family!

bride climbing stairs to her ceremony
wedding ceremony in children's chapel
family crying at wedding ceremony
holding hands during wedding ceremony
first kiss as husband and wife

is that not the sweetest first kiss in the history of first kisses? it kills me. so. beautiful. it helps having photographer brides, since they understand how important the photos are! we had plenty of time to do photos so we wandered around the chapel with Alex's brother the best man and Julie's younger sister the maid of honor and took tons of really fun, quirky photos. (with that being said, I can do photos in a short-ish amount of time, but having a grace period makes it much easier on everyone.)

off beat wedding formal photos
bride and groom formal photos
beautiful redheaded bride
family photos with bride and groom

while we were doing a couple of photos of just Julie, Alex kept complimenting her and telling her how pretty she looked. I think I may have teared up at that point. as well as a few times during the ceremony.. mostly because everyone was crying! same with the reception - there were quite a few teary toasts!

dancing at wedding reception

first dance at the wedding

cutting the cake as husband and wife

hail and rainbow at wedding
oh, did I mention it HAILED? and that did require bold and italics, since they got married in the middle of June. you just have to love Maine weather! thank goodness we were at the reception site, and they had a tent all set up. everyone took cover and it was over in like ten minutes. seriously random. at least afterwards there was a beautiful rainbow, which happens to be something Julie adores, so we took it as a good sign! and since rain is good luck, we figured hail had to be super good luck. once the weather decided to not be a spaz, they shared their first dance to a literally live version of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow,' followed by open dancing, songs sung by Julie's mom and a drum performance by Julie's grandfather.

so, so sweet.

didn't get enough of Julie + Alex's intimate and beautiful wedding? check out the slideshow!

did you know i give incentives to offbeat couples? talk to me!


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