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family of four in the fall
Aurora and her family are all totally adorable. proof is right above! even if you can't see Liam's face, Tommy's rocking flame shoes make up for it.

Aurora and I went to high school together a zillion years ago, and it seems crazy we're both all grown up.. I'm getting married soon-ish, she's married with two kids. craaaaa-zyyyyyy.

anyway, Aurora has been wanting family photos done by me, oh, forever! and we finally got a chance to last fall and the leaves were just starting to turn colors, which worked out great so their awesome clothing choices really popped against the still mostly green grass and leaves. (seriously, she rocked the outfit choices. they look fantastic - no logos or distracting patterns, and everyone matches just enough to look great but not so much that you can't tell where one person begins and one ends. two thumbs up to you, Aurora!)

family of four in the fall little one falling down
they make the cuteeeest kiddos! I think they should have another, they have to try for a precious little girl! ;)
family of four in the fall
doesn't Tim look like a super proud dad and husband? I love when guys don't complain about family/couples photos and actually look happy too. I swear, it's painless and it means a lot to your wife/girlfriend/mom/whoever you're doing them for!

now more good stuff:
mom swinging little boy
family of four in the fall
little boy throwing leaves up

which season is your favorite to do photos in? comment below and tell me!


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