woman's best friend! emily+fenway. millinocket, maine family photographer

Emily (aka- Nonnie) is Kelly's little sister and Fenway is her very handsome, 11 year old big yellow baby. 

yellow lab and furmomma millinocket maine

Nonnie gets a lot of sloppy dog kisses, as you can tell ;) they've been best friends for half of her life and all of his. I'm a furmomma as well, to a crazy, neurotic, obese Siamese cat named Willow, and my mom is a foster-furmomma to my cats Delilah and Tobey, so I can relate to them being part of your family. if it was up to me, all three cats would live with us.. as well as a pit mix dog or two.. probably a rabbit.. yeah. I love animals and hate seeing them in a shelter.

anyway, Fenway is probably one of the sweetest dogs ever. just look at this face:

yellow lab millinocket maine

even dogs like myspace angles, cause he look like he's a skinny 5 year old dog here, not the 11 year old he is! he's got the sweetest, smushy face ever. ahh! just makes you want to hug him and feed him slim jims all day, right? you can really tell how much he loves Nonnie too, even if I was the one who was bribing him with jerky treats, he gave her most of the kisses.

yellow lab millinocket maine

yellow lab and furmomma millinocket maine
and a whole bunch more for supermodel Fenway's session!

if you have pets, how many do you have?


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