they're sex on weels! maine roller derby photography

I LOVE roller derby. specifically Bangor Roller Derby. and.. well, at least watching it. there's no league up here -insert super sad face here- and I'm not sure if I'd even have the coordination for it. I've been told by a few derby girls that you don't need to know how to skate before you start derbying, but for now I'll stick to the sidelines and get some badass photos. ;) besides, I don't know what my derby name would be! think you have the perfect derby name for me? leave a comment for me!

bangor roller derby bangor maine

just a heads up, I met a lot of the girls and learned their derby names first.. I know  their real names, but I usually only call them by their awesome derby names, so there will be some semi-random names on here.
here's some background on the Fire City Bombers of Bangor - Cereal Suicide is a vet from central New York where her husband Blair was a ref. she's a super rad chick and started the Bangor Derby family last summer. it pretty much exploded and they had 40 girls in their first official fresh meat class. iiiiiin-sanity! who knew tons of girls wanted to get knocked around while skating?

bangor roller derby bangor maine

I found about about BRD starting up from my friend the awesome Mary Bo Reap! isn't her name awesome? and she definitely isn't what I used to picture when I thought of derby girls. it just shows that anyone can be a derby girl! she said they had open practices, so I was free to go if I wanted. just watching those girls made me ache all over. hip checks, booty blocks, shoulder checks, jammers, rear blockers.. enough terminology to make your head spin. after they have their first bout I'll do a post all about what each person does, cause honestly, I only know what the blocks are and what the jammer does!

bangor roller derby bangor maine

on top of being totally bad-ass, they are also totally awesome at helping the community. they are currently promoting the Rachel Ray $100K Challenge in which the Bangor Humane Society is competing to win $100K for their shelter! you can vote once a day here - - until the 16th. shelter pets are close to my heart, so BRD supporting them makes me love them even more, if that was possible.

they also have done a ton to support Spruce Run, their focus charity for 2011-2012 - such as a Heaven & Hell Halloween party which raised money to buy Halloween costumes for kids that Spruce Run helps. a portion of all the money they raise will go right to Spruce Run. awesome, eh? BRD girls have to volunteer at least 2 hours a month so some have also spent time helping Z107.3's Free the Z turkey drive and the Ronald McDonald house!

bangor roller derby bangor maine

and speaking of Spruce Run, they are doing a huge benefit concert for them this month! Motor Booty Affair will be playing at the Morgan Hill Event Center, which is gorgeous and if you're getting married, you should check it out! I've heard Motor Booty Affair is pretty good, so make sure to check it out if you're in Hermon! derby girls, good music, sweet location.. pretty sure they're planning on having a cash bar. win-win-win-WIN! ;)

bangor roller derby bangor maine

so I could go on and on about how much I love the Bangor Derby girls, or I could just end this rambling with some more photos and a video for you! make sure to check out Bangor Derby on facebook!

what do you think my roller derby name should be? 


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